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Weekly Blog: What is Trichomoniasis?

(‘Trichomonas vaginalis photographed by phase contrast microscopy’ Image by Graham Colm, own work. Please see here for license) Trichomoniasis is in the news today as researchers from the University of California have found a potential link between Trichomoniasis and prostate

How HIV is Passed On

HIV can be passed on in several ways: – Having vaginal or anal sex with someone who has HIV. – Oral sex carries a small risk. – Sharing needles, syringes or other drug injecting equipment that is contaminated with HIV

An HIV Positive Result

You have been infected with HIV.  Your partner may or may not be infected.  You will be offered care and support in this department including treatment for HIV.  You may remain well for many years even without treatment.  New treatments

An HIV Negative Result

HIV antibodies have NOT been found in your blood.  You cannot assume that your partner does not have HIV.  You could still get HIV in the future if you put yourself at risk.  If it is less than 3 months

What is the Clinic for?

The Cardiff and Vale University Health Board Integrated Sexual Health Clinic is a resource for free, confidential, non-judgemental support, advice, and clinical services for sex workers, male, female, and transgender.

Tests Conducted

HIV; hepatitis A, B, C, D, & E; gonorrhoea; thrush; non-specific urethritis; syphilis; chlamydia; herpes; pregnancy

Meet the Team

The Integrated Sexual Health service offers clinics in the Cardiff Royal Infirmary (CRI) on Newport Road (ISH CRI). ISH CRI clinics provide a full sexual health service, except the provision of some forms of contraception.  At Integrated Sexual Health service there are a range

What do we mean by sex work?

One question we are regularly asked is ‘What do we mean by sex work?’. For us, sex work has a broad meaning but we are aware that most people associate it with women who sell sexual acts for money, in

About Us

The project began in June 2012 and the overarching aim of the project is to develop and deliver an integrated sexual health service for student sex workers in Wales. See About Us to learn more.