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QUESTION: What is Sex Work?

ANSWER: One question we are regularly asked is ‘What do we mean by sex work?’. For us, sex work has a broad meaning but we are aware that most people associate it with women who sell sexual acts for money, in other words the common understanding of prostitution. Our Project identifies ‘sex work’ as including activities such as erotic dancing, web cam sex, phone chat sex, escort work, massage parlour work as well as work in the porn industry. However, our project also emphasises that sex work is not associated only with women but also men and transgender people.

QUESTION: What is the Student Sex Work Project?

ANSWER: The Student Sex Work Project is a three year project funded by the BIG Lottery. The project began in June 2012 and its overarching aim is to develop and deliver an integrated sexual health service for student sex workers in Wales. However, we are also a research project and would like to understand the experiences of student sex workers and provide a safe forum for their voices to be heard.

A further priority for the project is to ask all students studying at universities across Wales about their attitudes to sex work and sexual health. These aims are reflected in our mission statement – to promote learning and understanding about student sex worker needs and associated issues, and to provide an innovative sexual health service to a marginalised population through an ethical, empowering research led framework.


QUESTION: Why is the Student Sex Work Project needed?

ANSWER: The Project is needed to address the following issues:

A lack of research in relation to student sex work in Wales and the UK.
The lack of policy acknowledgement in Wales that young people may be involved in sex work.
Student sex workers, as young people, should be entitled to receive sexual health advice within a safe and non judgmental setting.
The need to provide an innovative service that reaches out to a marginalised population.
The need to begin to develop a dialogue about student sex work in Wales.


QUESTION: Who is funding the Student Sex Work Project?

ANSWER: The Project is funded by BIG Lottery Fund.

Every year BIG Lottery Fund gives out millions of pounds from the National Lottery to good causes. Their money goes to community groups and to projects that improve health, education and the environment.

See their website for further information.


QUESTION: Who is the Student Sex Work Project for?

ANSWER: The Project provides information for all students about sexual health and sexual health services and personal safety through this website.

The Project also offers specific support for students who are engaging in sex work or adult entertainment.

Amongst other things we offer:

A specialist sexual health clinic in Cardiff.

Access to one-to-one support through our website for student sex workers and/or those working in adult entertainment in Wales.

Please visit our members page for more information.


QUESTION: What happens at a Sexual Health Clinic?

ANSWER: When attending you will be offered a full sexual health screen including tests for chlamydia, gonorrhoea, syphilis and HIV. Other tests may be offered depending on your reason for attending and if you have any symptoms.

At the Clinic

The Doctor or nurse practitioner will call you into a clinic room by your patient number.

You will be asked to confirm your name and date of birth.

Your reason for attending will be discussed and documented and the practitioner will explain the examination procedure.

You will be asked if you are happy to receive your results by text message. You will be asked to confirm your mobile number and sign the text consent form.

In some circumstances you may be asked to see a sexual health adviser on the day who will provide counselling and advice.

Getting your results

If you do not have a mobile phone we can arrange to post you your results.

Some results may be available for you on the day but most investigations need to be sent to the laboratory, these results take longer.

You can find out more on our sexual health page


QUESTION: Where can I get Sexual Health information?

ANSWER: Try our sexual health pages
You can also find a service near you so you can talk to someone face to face, you can do this using our service finder.
The Terrance Higgins Trust website also provides up to date advice and information on sexual health.


QUESTION: How can I contact the Project team?

ANSWER: Send us a comment via our website
Drop us an email


QUESTION: Where can I find further information or advice about student related issues?

ANSWER: There are a number of places you can get information, a few are listed below:

Web based support:

The Student Room
The Terrance Higgins Trust
The National Union of Students Wales

University Student Support Services

Aberystwyth University:

Bangor University:

Cardiff Metropolitan University:

Cardiff University:

University of South Wales: 

Glyndwr University:

Royal Welsh College of Music & DramAnswer:

Swansea Metropolitan University:

Swansea University:

Trinity St David’s University:

University Student Union

Aberystwyth University:

Bangor University:

Cardiff Metropolitan University:

Cardiff University:

The University of South Wales:

Glyndwr University:

Royal Welsh College of Music & DramAnswer:

Swansea Metropolitan University:

Swansea University:

Trinity St David’s University:

You can also contact the NUS Wales through their website


QUESTION: What can I do on the website?


1)  If I am a student…

Go to our pages of sexual health and personal safety.

Give us your views.

2)  If I am a student and work in the sex industry or adult entertainment industry…

You can become a member of the Project website and…

Chat with other student sex workers.

Talk to our advisor.

Become more involved in the Project.

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