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The Great Porn Star ~ Sex Worker Divide by Gracie Passette

  This week’s guest blog is by Gracie Passette. “Gracie Passette is a sex worker, though no longer working directly with clients in the flesh; She now uses media to work with the issues of sexuality”. Gracie has two blog

#Nomorepage3: A Student Glamour Model’s Response

This guest blog is from a recent graduate and Glamour Model. This is her response to the #nomorepage3 campaign. She wrote this blog during her time at University. As with all of our blogs, these thoughts and words are of

Challenging Prejudices Around Sex Work

This blog piece is a re-post of a blog and interview by Counsellor, Amanda Williamson and a student sex worker, Jemima. Both Amanda and Jemima write blogs on a range of topical subjects. Please see their respective blogs here and

The Pornography Industry: My Experience and General Views

This week’s blog is by Luke Kristopher Davis. Luke is a student who has starred in pornography films directed by feminist porn director and producer, Erika Lust. Here are his views and experience of the industry. You can check out

Labelling the Sex Work Researcher

Dr. Katrien Symons of the Student Sex Work Project talks about researching sex work: Labelling the sex work researcher A few weeks ago I started working on The Student Sex Work Project, replacing Jacky Tyrie. Starting a new job is

WEEKLY BLOG: Reflections on researching sex work.

Reflections on researching sex work. As a researcher on the Student Sex Work Project I have been working on the Project since the start, but I am sad to say I am now leaving for a permanent lectureship. Before I

“A porn performer’s blog about sex”

The blog below featured on Maggie McNeil’s blogsite, ‘The Honest Courtesan’ on 14th July 2014. We have kind permission from both Maggie and the writer of the blog to re-print this blog. The blog is an honest account of how

A Repeat Performance: “Mega event tactics” on Brazil’s sex Industry over the World Cup 2014 … and the Commonwealth Games 2014? (part 2)

This is Part 2 of a blog by Janine Ewan that follows on from last week’s blog regarding policing at the World Cup 2014 in Brazil and the Commonwealth Games 2014in Scotland. Twitter:  @JanineEwen Elections post mega event hosting Brazil is

WEEKLY BLOG: A Repeat Performance: “Mega event tactics” on Brazil’s sex Industry over the World Cup 2014 … and the Commonwealth Games 2014?

This week’s guest blog is by Janine Ewen. Janine Ewen carried out Independent research as part of her research methods learning for her MSc in Health Improvement at the Robert Gordon University. Janine received a humanitarian award acknowledgement from the

USA: Belle Knox and the student finance crisis

Student and adult performer, Belle Knox has been highlighting the student finance situation in the USA. Belle writes for Time magazine where she critisises the student loans and finance in the US. She reports that now she has a (very