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Meet the Team

Meet the Team

The Integrated Sexual Health service offers clinics in the Cardiff Royal Infirmary (CRI) on Newport Road (ISH CRI). ISH CRI clinics provide a full sexual health service, except the provision of some forms of contraception.  At Integrated Sexual Health service there are a range of staff you might have contact with, these include, reception staff, doctors, nurses, sexual health advisers and nursing assistants. Reception staff The reception staff are the first individuals you’ll meet when ...

Tests Conducted

Tests Conducted

HIV; hepatitis A, B, C, D, & E; gonorrhoea; thrush; non-specific urethritis; syphilis; chlamydia; herpes; pregnancyHIV; hepatitis A, B, C, D, & E; gonorrhoea; y llindag; wrethritis amhenodol; syphilis; chlamydia; herpes; beichiogrwydd
What is the Clinic for?

What is the Clinic for?

The Cardiff and Vale University Health Board Integrated Sexual Health Clinic is a resource for free, confidential, non-judgemental support, advice, and clinical services for sex workers, male, female, and transgender.Mae Clinig Iechyd Rhywiol Integredig Bwrdd Iechyd Prifysgol Caerdydd a’r Fro yn darparu cefnogaeth, cyngor a gwasanaethau clinigol sydd ddim yn barnu i weithwyr rhyw, boed yn ddynion, menywod neu’n drawsryweddol.

Student Sex Workers and the Clinic

• If you are a student under 25 (and studying at a University) and are involved in sex work, please contact the clinic on 029 2033 5208 between 14:00 and 16:00 Monday to Friday.
• There will be no extra tests, we just need your permission to use your results for the purposes of research as part of the Student Sex Worker Project.
• When you attend Cardiff and Vale UHB sexual health clinic nobody will know you have visited for an appointment.
• Your records are confidential and protected by law meaning nobody else can gain access to them, including the police, social security, or immigration.
• All services are free and confidential for all sex workers regardless of nationality or immigration status.

What will Happen when I Visit?

• Upon arrival for your appointment you will be given a self-triage form by reception, you should arrive 15 minutes before your appointment to fill this in.
• Once this has been returned you will be provided with a referral slip with a reference number. This will be used, rather than your name, to call you for your consultation.
• Your consultation will be conducted by a consultant, registrar, or nurse practitioner and will involve a discussion about your sexual history, a genital/ rectal examination and, in some cases, a vaginal self-swab.
• A separate consultation room is used for taking blood tests.
• The HBV vaccine is given to those who have not already received it.
• The consultation is followed by a chat with the health advisor.
• You need to make a follow-up appointment for one week later to collect your results. Positive result counselling is offered.
• A disclaimer can be signed at the clinic if you wish to receive your results by telephone.

What Happens Next?

• If the results are negative, you will receive a text message / letter within 2 weeks after your visit to confirm the negative results.
• If any of the tests indicate possible infection, you will be contacted by a sexual health advisor or nurse within 7 – 10 days to arrange an appointment to discuss the results, receive treatment and arrange for your partner to attend.
• Please note the commonest infection we might find would be chlamydia which is treatable with antibiotics.
• Treatment, if required, is free.

About the HIV Test

An HIV test determines whether or not someone has antibodies to HIV in their blood or in other words has been infected with HIV.

An HIV Negative Result

HIV antibodies have NOT been found in your blood.  You cannot assume that your partner does not have HIV.  You could still get HIV in the future if you put yourself at risk.  If it is less than 3 months since your last risk, you should consider having a repeat test at the appropriate timeNID OES gwrthgyrff HIV wedi cael eu canfod yn eich gwaed.  Ni allwch gymryd yn ganiataol ...

An HIV Positive Result

You have been infected with HIV.  Your partner may or may not be infected.  You will be offered care and support in this department including treatment for HIV.  You may remain well for many years even without treatment.  New treatments have made a dramatic improvement in quality of life, and can prevent the development of AIDS (the breakdown of the immune system caused by HIV)‘Rydych wedi cael eich heintio â ...

How HIV is Passed On

HIV can be passed on in several ways: - Having vaginal or anal sex with someone who has HIV. - Oral sex carries a small risk. - Sharing needles, syringes or other drug injecting equipment that is contaminated with HIV infected blood. - From a mother with HIV to her baby during pregnancy, at birth or through breastfeeding.Gellir trosglwyddo HIV mewn sawl ffordd: - Cael rhyw gweiniol neu refrol gyda rhywun sydd â HIV. - Mae ...
If your HIV test is positive or gives an unclear result, you will be asked to have another test to confirm the result.

Will having an HIV test affect my life insurance?
• Most insurance forms only ask if you have ever tested positive to an HIV test, not whether you have had one.
• If your HIV test is positive, it may affect future life insurance. However, we can advise you about companies that deal with this.

This test is confidential and no-one will know you have had it.
• GUM records are separate from your own doctor’s records.

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