Bisexual is the word used to describe a person who is romantically and sexually attracted to both people of the opposite and of the same sex.

Being bisexual does not mean that you have to like both boys and girls equally, or that you have to go out with both.

How do you know?

Some people may have always been attracted to both boys and girls, but for others it may be something that happens later on. It is not something you have to decide right away, or ever, as you may feel attracted to boys or girls at different times in your life. Remember it is your sexuality and up to you how you define it.


Some people think that people who describe themselves as bisexual are really gay but cannot admit this. This is not true; you can be attracted to both boys and girls and being bisexual is not the same as being gay. It is also not true that bisexual people are really straight but just experimenting.


There are lots of stereotypes out there about being bisexual but it is important to realise that you do not have to change dramatically because of your sexual preference. After all, you are still you, whoever you are attracted to. Some people think that if you are bisexual this means that you are promiscuous and are more likely to cheat on your partner. Neither of these things is true. How many partners someone has and whether they are unfaithful or not depends on the individual, not their sexual orientation.


Unfortunately people who are bisexual do sometimes experience prejudice from others because they think it is not normal and that you should decide whether you fancy men or women. This is called homophobia, and it is important to know that people who think this are wrong. More importantly our society has systems in place to stop this sort of discrimination. Being bisexual is completely normal and you have the right to be who you are and have relationships with whoever you like

Meeting other people

Some people find joining a biseuxal club or society really helpful, especially when they do not know many other bisexual people, as it can give them the opportunity to meet like-minded people. Growing up bisexual is not always easy and it can be very helpful to meet other people who understand any worries or difficulties you may be having. Of course that does not mean that you can only have gay or bi friends, or that your straight friends won’t understand you. Groups for young people are run by qualified youth workers. These workers are happy to talk to parents too.


If you want help and support about coming out, being bisexual, or anything around your sexuality, check out some of these organizations.

If you want to talk to someone, in confidence, about your sexuality, you can call THT Direct on 0808 802 1221.

You can find out about our youth groups around the country here:

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